February 15, 2016


The Well-Nourished Goddess: The Art of Sacred Self-Care

September 18th – 29th, 2017

The Well-Nourished Goddess is a 3-week virtual event for women that yearn to have a deeper meaning in their life, but feel overwhelm and exhaustion keep getting in the way. The Well-Nourished Goddess meets women where they are. It welcomes them in, with open arms, as Sisters on this journey we call life. It helps them learn to prioritize themselves and provides them with the tools they need to be well-nourished so they can be the best versions of themselves and live the life of their dreams.

Want to learn more about our host, Dr. Mary Pritchard?

Check her out here!

More Details Coming August 28th!

G3 Sonoma Women’s Conference November 12-14 2017 in Sonoma, CA!

What are you really craving in your life?

Balance? Personal Growth? A moment to stop & reset?

The G3 Gather, Grow and Go Women’s Conference is the perfect opportunity for all of these and more. Creating the space to contemplate your journey and reconnect with your purpose and desires is invaluable–and necessary for creating the life you really want.


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