Episode 089 – Marnie Nir

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Humor, compassion and candor led Marnie into the world of Love and Life Coaching for the Handel Group Life Coaching, where she is continually inspired by the importance of telling the truth, all the time. She’s a hilarious and accomplished TV comedy writer, partnering with Eva Longoria on Marnie’s original animated Hulu series “Mother Up.”

Marnie teaches us how to build our own muscle of personal integrity, to help us transform our relationships. Her Workshops and Circles are not for the faint of heart; she pushes us to start taking some responsibility for our sh*t. (Oh, and Marnie’s potty mouth has earned her an “R” rating; don’t say I didn’t warn!)

Having been married for more than 18 years, Marnie particularly enjoys working with wives, mothers and singles, because she is well-acquainted with the challenges they face and speaks b*#ch, martyr and chicken fluently. Marnie offers her clients the tools they need to author the lives they want, with wit, sincerity and her occasional truck-driver mouth. She lives in Pound Ridge, NY with her husband and two children.

EP-076 Sadie Nardini

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Sadie Nardini is the founder of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga, an anatomy-enriched flow style, and the Yoga Shred™, a cross-training blend of yoga and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with fresh new moves based on safer alignment. She fronts a rock band, Sadie & The Tribe, and is based in Santa Barbara, California.

Website:  sadienardini.com

Instagram:  @SadieNardiniOfficial

Practice and get motivated with Sadie on Facebook: @SadieNardiniOfficial

Help Me Reach One of My Goals for 2017!

Lauri’s Lemonade Stand 2017     

     I am famous for goal-setting each new year.  I write them down, I print them up, they are posted on my bulletin board and dutifully checked off with a sharpie the moment they are done.  Now before you start thinking I’m perfect, I don’t always reach all of my goals, but feel that writing them down, posting them and checking things off means they are much more likely to get done than not.

     As Lauri’s Lemonade Stand evolves and I am constantly in a learning mode…I have decided to be a perpetual student for the rest of my life…I realized this morning that I had very specific goals around the Lemonade Stand for 2017.

     Because sending it out into the universe via this blog is a public commitment (it includes writing it down and posting it for the world to see) I figured it would have a better chance of actually happening!  There is also the need for your help in all of it so here goes:

1)  I would like to publish my first book by Christmas of 2017.

2)  I would like my podcast to reach 5000 downloads per episode and have sponsors for each show.

3)  I need to give 10 FREE speeches in 2017 so that I take on the challenge from Whitney Johnson on my podcast episode #025 and be able to report back to her on her podcast, Disrupt Yourself once I’m done.

These seem HUGE to me!

What will I do to accomplish my goals?

1)  The Book.  I have an outline started thanx to Lisa Nichols Speak and Write to Make Millions conference in Atlanta Georgia that helped me finally get an outline.  I also have an accountability partner in Stephenie Zamora (LLS Podcast Episode #024) who has a book due out in Summer 2017 so we are keeping in contact every Wednesday to check out progress.

2)  The Podcast.  Consistency is key here.  I will publish a new amazing episode every Monday morning even through the holidays.  I will lean on my accountability partners, Elizabeth Johnston of Own Your Creativity and Hilary Hendershott of Profit Boss Radio during our weekly accountability calls on Tuesdays.  I will utilize Podcasters Paradise to learn more about gathering sponsors for my show to keep the momentum going.  I will talk about the podcast at every turn and at all of my speaking engagements.

3)  The Speech.  My speech is ready and prepared with my demo video on my website.  I will compose a short paragraph to send out into the world to anyone I know to book my 10 FREE gigs in 2017 and will video each one so that I can better serve the women in my audience by practicing my craft.  I will listen to the needs of others so that I can better serve my tribe.  I will start locally within church organizations and the local libraries.

What can you do to help?

1)  The Book.  Buy it once it’s out!  Haha!

2)  The Podcast.  Subscribe to Lauri’s Lemonade Stand a Positivity Podcast for Women.  Download episodes that interest you and share the podcast with others.  Rate & Review the Podcast on iTunes…It is an excellent way for me to receive feedback and to the podcast out to more women.

3)  The Speech.  Do you know a group of women that I could talk to for FREE during 2017?  Not all of my events will be free, but 10 will be!  Wouldn’t it be great to get one of the FREE speeches?  It could be a church organization of women, a women’s conference, a local chapter or group of women…you name it!  I just need to reach my goal so that I can report back to Whitney and have some absolute FUN with it!  (Plus, it’s really a good speech…although I am a bit biased)  If you get me in I will commit to sending you a copy of my first book for FREE once it’s out.

And there it is.  The next steps for Lauri’s Lemonade Stand.  The world can read it…and I’m committed to it.  Can’t wait to meet you in person at our next event and thank you for not only reading the blog, but commenting.  I love to hear from you and hope to serve you more!

Random Blog Day

     Random Blog Day 

     As I write this blog, I’ve realized how much I enjoy podcasting!  Every week I Skype my mentor buddies, Elizabeth and Laurence and we talk about our life struggles, where our podcasts are and where we want them to go and encourage each other to do and be more.  Each of us have different struggles on our journey which means that the solutions vary as much as the struggles themselves do.

     I completely enjoy writing, but something about listening and connecting to someone in person over a podcast is so much more moving.  I love the written word and can’t keep my nose out of a book, but I’ve decided to take my blog to random status.  It will no longer be a weekly blog (unlike my podcast that comes out every single Monday without fail!), but to a “so inspired have to write this to everyone” status of randomness.

     I am appreciating all of your responses and feedback to everything I’m trying to accomplish by bringing positivity into the lives of women!  Keep it coming!  You can catch me on iTunes every week by clicking here:  Lauri’s Lemonade Stand Positivity Podcast for Women or on Facebook by clicking here:  Lauri’s Lemonade Stand Facebook Positivity or simply visiting me on my website by clicking here:  http://www.laurislemonadestand.com/

Thank you for your love and dedication!  
Wishing you the best in positivity today and all the days ahead!

Practice Smiling

Practice Smiling
     When I was interviewing Jo Ellen Soesbee last week for my podcast, she said something towards the end that I couldn’t stop thinking about.  She was driving along and happened to notice that she could see the driver in front of her in his side-view mirror and she thought, “Does that mean that others can see me in my side-view mirror?”  

     Apparently, the gentleman in front of her did not look very happy.  In fact, he looked downright grumpy by all accounts.  That’s when Jo Ellen decided to practice smiling.  She didn’t want people to think that she was grumpy!

     This practice served her well when a client called and said, “I hired you because when I saw you in your truck, you were smiling.”  Wow!  Landing a job because you smiled while you were driving!
Jo Ellen has practiced smiling so much that on a recent girl’s weekend her friends accused her of even smiling in her sleep!  Now that’s some serious smile practicing if you ask me.  🙂

     I decided I would try it out and over this last week I’ve simply tried to smile while I was driving.  Honestly, I felt pretty silly at first and if I knew someone was close enough to see me I acted as if I was listening to some funny comedian on the radio and laughed out loud!  

     While I am not perfect at this smiling while I’m driving thing, it has changed my attitude while I drive to be a little more polite and a little more understanding of others while they drive.  

Smiling matters!!

     I will keep practicing, Jo Ellen!  To hear more on Jo Ellen Soesbee come on over to the podcast, Lauri’s Lemonade Stand on iTunes by following this link:  Lauri’s Lemonade Stand Positivity Podcast  I bet you won’t be disappointed!
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